About Layer 2 Connections, LLC

Layer 2 Connections, LLC is a privately-held North Carolina-based limited liability corporation founded in 2009, and the exclusive sales partner for Brand Communications, Limited, a UK Company.  


Brand Communications is the developer of Apollo Anywhere, a client / server software-based VWAN platform that provides WAN optimization that has been a market leader for mission critical operations in Europe for over 18 years.  Apollo provides mobile devices with secure, reliable and controllable connectivity to LAN and/or cloud networks over one or multiple communication networks.   Unique features of Apollo include the ability to 1) bond up to 20 similar or dissimilar network connections - whether wired or wireless - and aggregate their bandwidth and 2) support "make before break" seamless handoff of data across disparate networks. Users of Brand Apollo include utilities, military personnel, first responders, governments, libraries and enterprises. 


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What's behind the name?

Our company name is based on one of our unique differentiators: our software operates at Layer 2 of the Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) model - the Data-Link Layer.   Working at the Data-Link Layer allows Apollo to be agnostic to the types of traffic carried and applications running above it.  At Layer 2, Apollo supports features like bonding/bandwidth aggregation that are not easy to achieve at higher layers. 


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