Introducing Apollo Anywhere VWANs
from Brand Communications Ltd.

Apollo Anywhere is a highly scalable, software-based, mobile communications middleware platform.  It creates and manages VWANs between remote devices such as network-edge appliances, PCs, Smartphones and virtual machines to LAN/Cloud networks. It uses a secure Layer 2 VPN connectivity over one or multiple wide area communication channels.

Apollo’s unique session management, bandwidth bonding and seamless roaming features enhance the usability of communications over both mobile and fixed networks.

Apollo provides a secure VWAN from mobile devices over multiple WANs


Apollo Anywhere offers a number of unique advantages when deploying mobile solutions for access to secure LAN and Cloud applications:

  • Complete transparency across wide area networks using Layer 2 tunneling that allows users to control and manage connectivity without relying on Provider Provisioned VPLS, MPLS or IP VPN services;
  • WAN bandwidth bonding that enables applications to address and consume the combined bandwidth of multiple networks without requiring pre-allocation, packet-for-packet splitting or stream-based load balancing.
  • True make-before-break handoff between any wired or wireless networks that ensures no gaps in communications between the remote user and the Cloud or LAN platform;
  • Traffic shaping and real-time prioritization through deep packet inspection that allows users to manage how applications, protocols and VLAN traffic have access to available bandwidth;
  • Compression and optimization of traffic before encryption with mobile-optimized low-overhead AES 256 algorithms ensuring maximum performance across the wide area networks especially of VoIP and similar protocols over low bandwidth links
  • Resilience and recovery from lost connections using algorithms that manage application persistence at both client and Cloud/LAN ends of wide area connections;
  • Transparency to existing VPN encryption ensuring that users can deploy Apollo without changing existing security architecture;
  • Full control of NIC and modem hardware allowing users to coordinate communications over multiple networks whilst dispensing with multiple connection managers;
  • Support for trunking of multiple VLANs over wide area networks allowing all LAN topologies to be effectively extended over the wide area
  • Usage and management data collection enables accurate real-time and historical data to drive cost saving, assist with trouble shooting problems and drive service revenue opportunities for value added service.

The Apollo Anywhere Platform has been developed and proven over 15 years and is highly modular and scalable. Customers can deploy it rapidly in response to new communications needs and then scale over time without having to change the core architecture.

Apollo improves transaction speeds, reduces costs and increases the reliability of connectivity for remote users. The secure Layer 2 VPN-based connection between the Apollo client and server is maintained as the remote user bonds the bandwidth of multiple networks together and moves seamlessly between wide area networks.

Any combination of wired or wireless networks is supported, including but not limited to:

  • GSM/CDMA, GPRS, 3G HSPA and EVDO networks
  • Wi-Fi – licensed or unlicensed
  • WiMAX and future LTE 4G networks (including 700 MHz public safety networks)
  • Satellite
  • Cable, DSL and dial-up networking
  • Ethernet and other LAN protocols

Apollo is fully able to accommodate expansion beyond the documented network types with simple configuration ensuring that a user’s future communication strategies can be easily accomplished.


The Apollo VWAN Platform from Brand Communications used for VLAN trunking


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