Apollo Packet Access Server (PAS)

The Apollo PAS is designed to optimize and dramatically increase the efficiency of mobile data communications over any wired or wireless networks. It transparently integrates the LAN environment with fixed and mobile wide area networks, providing a secure virtual wide area network connection for the remote user.

The PAS is built on a resilient hardware chassis with dual PSUs, fans and RAID5 disk arrays. The chassis is both scalable and upgradable ensuring that customer investment is future-proofed. An Apollo Platform implementation can include multiple PAS chassis, user groups and WAN protocols. When multiple PASs operate as an infinitely scalable server pool, Management Servers provide control for failover and capacity, function or geographical based load balancing capabilities


Apollo PASThe PAS terminates the VPN and extends the LAN to each mobile device running the Anywhere Client software. It maintains the state of each client and handles the session management required to maintain its continuous connection to network applications. When a mobile device running an Anywhere Client becomes unreachable or suspends operation, the PAS maintains the connection to the client’s peer applications by acknowledging receipt of data and queuing requests. It also tracks the Anywhere Client, and hence the device on which it resides, as it moves between different network or bonds multiple networks together.

The PAS manages network addresses for the mobile devices. Each Anywhere Client receives an IP address from the PAS, typically assigned from a pool of addresses configured on the PAS or from pools configured on the radius or authentication servers on the LAN or in the Cloud. The PAS is also able to statically assign an IP address to an individual device or user independent of the dynamic address that may have been given by the carrier or bearer network.  In this way applications that need a persistent address can be accommodated with any dependency on premium service contracts from carriers.

The PAS provides tools and metrics that can be used by a system administrators to configure, manage and troubleshoot remote connections. The PAS connects to a Management Server which then allows up to 10 management stations per service profile to access SQL database applications for historical usage and auditing, location based services, vehicle fleet management, mapping, messaging and Customer Care tools and to access and stream the usage and management data.  Monitoring stations can be set to authenticate against the platform before they can receive information and this can be further profiled so that different management stations can each view different user groups.  This function is especially useful when running multiple customers against a common PAS managed service or Cloud computing service.

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Apollo Clients

The ‘remote’ element of the Apollo solution is the Anywhere Client – a software application that is installed on a Windows PC/Netbook, Windows Smartphone or other Windows Embedded devices. The Anywhere Client presents itself as a full network interface to the IP stack and the operating system above it    Learn More

Apollo Management

The Apollo Management Server provides load balancing, fail-over management, relay agent services and logging of customer care information as well as output to 3rd party GIS platforms.
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