Cloud Virtual Wide Area Networks

Connectivity between the managed cloud platform and the enterprise network will have a significant impact on the success of hybrid cloud computing. IT manager must have a sense of ownership of the remote virtual machines and peace of mind that they fit within corporate security policies. Virtual machines must be reliable and in every respect behaves like the other device that run on the enterprise network today.

Brand Apollo, sitting at layer 2 can establish optimal connectivity between a VM in a managed cloud and the enterprise network by establishing a VLAN directly between the two.

Apollo allows the remote VM to get an IP address directly from the DHCP server on the enterprise subnet. Once this is achieved all domain security, network neigbourhood and browsing are totally integrated and conformant with enterprise policies.

This Use Case will focus on a hybrid cloud architecture connecting public cloud instances to enterprise networks using a virtual wide area network delivered by Apollo A software-based, virtual wide area networking platform from Brand Communications

The Apollo server software is installed on the edge of an enterprise network. The Apollo client software is installed onto a VM Image within a managed cloud architecture. When an instance containing an Apollo image is launched a VWAN tunnel is established from the VM through the virtual NIC back to the server. The VM now behaves in every respect as if it were on the LAN with the Apollo server including using an IP address allocated to it by the server.


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