Network-of-Networks using Virtual Wide Area Networks

Virtualization is touching almost every facet of the IT infrastructure, LANs, servers, storage, the managed cloud platform and the desktop. Virtual Wide Area Networking is the component that virtualizes multiple wide area networks, whether wired or wireless allowing all of this virtualized architecture to behave as if it were connected via a single network.

At Layer 2 Connections we believe that virtual wide area networks present an opportunity for carriers to benefit from the explosion in virtualized architecture by creating a seamless, cross network experience for their customers using 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, DSL, cable and even competitor’s networks. We call this opportunity the “Network of Networks”.

Wireless carriers worldwide are scrambling to find ways to address the opportunity and mitigate the risks of managing the forecast increase in mobile data. One carrier strategy involves the intelligent use of multiple network such as 4G and Wi-Fi to off-load the 3G data traffic to avoid congestion and reduce the cost per bit of the data being sent.

By every metric wireless data usage is growing rapidly. In December 2009 Ericsson announce an historic cross over point where data exceeded voice for the first time. Their recent measurement of wireless networks traffic shows that global mobile data has nearly tripled in the last year, growing more than 10 times faster than voice. Additionally. Cisco forecasts 3.6 Exabytes per Month of Mobile Data Traffic by 2014 up from 225,000 terabytes per month as of the second quarter of 2010.

In the USA the Federal Communications Commission is set to double spectrum available for wireless broadband services over the next 10 years but given the forecast of exponential growth in data traffic is it too little and too late to meet the demand?



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